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For 32 years, imdad has been at the forefront of energy-based aesthetic medicine in the middle east, providing solutions to over 2,600 clinics, and serving them from 16 offices based in 9 countries across the region. We have been carefully selecting the technologies that are most suitable to cater to our region’s specific skin type demands, which has helped us become the comprehensive solutions provider that we are today.
Our long-term relationships with clients transcend the transactional aspect and go deeper into working together to actualize the region’s potential in aesthetic medicine, guiding each clinic to fulfil that potential, and helping them build a reputation of excellence while increasing their return on investment.


Medica Group

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Advance Medical

Advance Medical

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Eucerin – Unicare Medical Trading LLC

We have a 100-year heritage of dedication to skincare science. The research of expert dermatologists matters, developing new active ingredients matters, new clinically proven solutions really matter.
We believe in the life-changing power of dermatological skincare.


For ISDIN, innovation is much more than creating. innovation is “questioning the status quo” and going the extra mile to meet a particular need and to improve people’s quality of life.
Our commitment remains as strong today as it did when our company was founded 40 years ago: to respond to the needs of your skin and your mucosa. Our products combine maximum efficacy and safety with innovative textures that ensure a satisfying practical and sensory experience. And that is the secret to the successful compliance of a treatment regimen for healthier skin.
Today, the fruits of our labour, carried out with passion and dedication, is a wide range of products and the immense satisfaction that comes with helping millions of people to feel better about their skin.
But we aspire for more. For ISDIN, constant collaboration with healthcare professionals and the scientific community is absolutely vital. Presenting our Medical Advisory Board (MAB), an internationally renowned team of professionals with differing experience that provide criteria for decision-making and new product development. The MAB enables us to grow, to continue leading the Spanish market and to be an international benchmark in skin treatment.

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AMICO Group is a “Leader in Healthcare Specialty Markets” in the MENA region. The company is engaged in sales, marketing, service engineering and integrated professional support solutions for advanced medical devices. At AMICO, the Dermatology and Aesthetics division includes various specialties described below:
❖ Lasers & IPL (Hair Removal, Vascular, Lipolysis, Tattoo & Pigment disorders, Resurfacing &Rejuvenation, Vitiligo & Psoriasis)
❖ Phototherapy (Narrowband UVB/UVA/UVA1/BB UVB)
❖ Body Reshaping (Vacuum Technology, RF Technologies, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis)
❖ Cosmetic Devices (Needling with RF, Ultrasound)
❖ Imaging Systems (Skin Analysis,3D images for face and body with simulation)
❖ Clinical (Dermo jet, Woods Lamp, Magnifying Lamp, Cryo set, Patient Chair)
❖ Cosmeceutical (Creams, Fillers, Multivitamins for Mesotherapy, PRP)





Proteos Biotech Laboratories

Proteos Biotech is a biotech company specializing in the production of recombinant enzymes and offering CMO services in the manufacturing of sterile pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmeceuticals.

pbserum is the only bacteria-based recombinant enzymes brand for application in aesthetic dermatology. Recombinant enzymes are responsible for promoting the degradation of compounds and the formation of metabolic reactions that produce the desired results. Their effectiveness has been tested by external clinical evaluators through in vitro and invivo trials in different applications with outstanding results.


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Aesthetix MidEast

Aesthetix MidEast

Bioscence Institute

Bioscience Institute is an italian company leading in cell biology services based on using stem cells and exosomes for personalized therapies. 

Nel 2007 Bioscience Institute founded the first world-class excellence cell factory in Europe and since 2013 extended its presence in Dubai.  Bioscience Institute offers the most advanced personalized treatments in the world, based on adipose-derived stem cells and exosomes. The procedures for extraction, expansion and banking of stem cells and exosomes are conducted at the laboratories based in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).  

The services of Bioscience Institute are unique worldwide as they offer the most advanced stem cell and exosomes therapies for skin and body ageing, hair loss, male and female health, and any ageing-related defect. 

The facilities are licensed and inspected by the UAE Ministry of Health and DHA, who also inspected the Bioscience Institute laboratories in Italy before issuing the specific licenses. 


Ego Pharmaceuticals

Ego Pharmaceuticals has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for 70 years. Our mission is to exist for people who want healthy skin. Ego is the specialist in skincare, backed by science. We make our products in Australia for the people of the world. We provide consistently high quality products, underpinned by heritage and integrity.
From its inception as a family business in 1953, Ego has grown to become a world leader, producing a comprehensive skin and health care range for sale in Australia and around the world. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering effective, high-quality and innovative products to meet a diverse range of needs, and we are committed to creating the best possible skin therapies for our customers.



As a dermatology specialist, for more than 20 years ACM has developed products that provide innovative solutions for the most common reasons for consultations.

In close partnership with the world of dermatology, we have initiated many research projects, leading to the registration of several patents and enabling us to provide targeted, effective responses that restore healthy skin and healthy hair.

We follow a rigorous charter:

  • No r&d without a patient-oriented focus
  • No innovation without added value
  • No needless ingredients
  • No claims without real effectiveness
  • No product development without listening to patients
  • The rigor of a combined medical & cosmetics culture

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